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Borrowing, Returning and Renewing

Rules and regulation for borrowing,returning and renewing

  • Student or staff ID card must be presented while borrow the book.
  • Request for borrow or renew on behalf of others will not be accepted.
  • Renewal of books can be done via library website once only.
  • Circulation counter open 8.00am – 5.00pm. Library materials will not be issued for loan 15 minutes during library closing.
  • Library users are responsible for returning borrowed books to the library according to the due date stamped in the book.
  • The library management reserves the right to call back any book or material at any time when necessary.

Loan Eligibility and Duration

Students Administrative
Open Shelf Books 5 copies
( 30 days )
2 copies
( 7 days )
1 copies
( 7 days )
Red Spot
7 days 2 hours within library or overnight loan only
CD ROM 2 items
(30 days)
1 item
(Within library only)

Fines / Penalty

  • Failure to return a borrowed item on or before the due date / time will incur fines on return of the overdue books / items.
  • Fines for overdue books / items are calculated a day after the overdue date / hour until the date books / items are returned excluding library closed or until the item is reported lost.
  • Loan privileges are suspended until all the overdue fines are settled. Overdue fines are capped at a maximum amount of RM100.00 per item.
  • Students/ Staffs will be suspended from borrowing or use the library materials if the books are not returned or if fines are outstanding.

Fines / Penalty

Categories Student
( RM )
Academic & Administrative Staff
( RM )
Open Shelf Books 0.20 per day 0.50 per day
per copies
Excluding Saturday,Sunday & Public Holiday
Red Spot
1.00 per hour 1.00 per day
per copies
Excluding Saturday,Sunday & Public Holiday
CD ROM - 1.00 per hour
per items
Excluding Saturday,Sunday & Public Holiday
Lost of Book Fine ( if any) + current book's price Please report immediately at Circulation Counter for any loss of library materials
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Sat/Sun/Public Holiday Closed
Extended:Exam Week(Saturday) 9 a.m - 1 p.m

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Past Year Exam Papers are accessible for student and staff.

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Notes: Only past year exam papers authorised by the School and Exam Unit are uploaded. For papers that are not available from the folder, students are advised to check with lecturers.

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