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Library Collection

The library collection comprises the following materials:

1.   Books Collection. 

Open Shelf - This collection consists of textbooks and monographs of various subjects acquired to support learning, teaching and research needs of the University.  All Academic staff, students and valid registered members of the Library are allowed to borrow from this collection.

2.    Reference

These are collection of dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, and biographies. Past year examination papers are also under this category of collection.

3.    Red spot Collection

This is a collection of textbooks and reference books which are in high demand.

4.    Student project papers

This collection of project papers focuses on Engineering, Computing and Business.  It is  a close access materials and available upon request at the Reference Services counter.

5.    Electronic Resources

Electronic resources refer to any source of information that can only be accessed or used via a standalone personal computer, the network or the internet. Materials in this category include:

a) CD-ROMs

b) e-journals

c) Websites

d) Online Databases

Users can have full access to standalone CD-ROMs and other e-resources services via workstations in the library. On the other hand, those accessible through the internet can be accessed remotely from within and outside the University's campus

6.    Light Reading materials

Materials in this collection comprise of light reading materials covering:


a) Fiction


b) Bestsellers


c) Motivation


d) Hobbies


e) Gardening, Crafts and the like.


The loan privilege for these materials is the same as the open shelf collection.


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Past Year Exam Papers are accessible for student and staff.

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Notes: Only past year exam papers authorised by the School and Exam Unit are uploaded. For papers that are not available from the folder, students are advised to check with lecturers.

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