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Inter Library Loan (ILL)

  • What is Inter Library Loan ? 
    • Inter Library Loan or Publishing Supply System (SPP / ILL) is a service for obtaining materials which are not available in the Library collection.
    • The required materials are acquired by the collaboration of libraries from other institutions under the management of the National Library of Malaysia.
    • Materials that cannot be borrowed are:
      • Thesis / Project Paper / Academic Training;  
      • Magazine / Current Journal / Journals;  
      • Media materials. 


  • Inter Library Loan Policy
    • Charges for this service are still free, but it also base on supplier institutions. But materials from the British Library will be charged based on the price of the material.

  • How To Apply
    1. Fill up the Inter Library Loan form. ( Click this link to download ILL Form)
    2. Complete material information needs to be provided to facilitate the search.
    3. Application can be done by five materials at a time.
    4. The response time of application is 2 week’s working days from the date of application.
    5. Renewal of material is only once and according to lender policy library.
    6. Any loss or damage of the borrowed materials through the intermediary loan service is under the responsibility of the applicant.
    7. Payment of substitution or damage to material is borne by the applicant himself.
    8. Every material renewal should be notified to the Circulation Unit 4 days before the deadline of the loan.
    9. Returns should be made 2 days before the return date.
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