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Emerald Trial Database

The Library are offering Emerald Trial for a month, starting from 15th March 2019 until 30th April 2019. Feel free to explore, use and download the resources offered.

Emerald offering multi-disciplinary subject, browse through 15,000 journals, books and case studies. You can explore by select specific subjects areas to view relevant content. You also have the option to refine your results by selecting sub-categories of that subject.

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Access method

Token Access URL: Emerald Token Access Trial

Trial Period : 15th March 2019 until 30thApril 2019

How to access?

  • Access the above token URL, user will be directed to the Emerald website where the user will be asked to login to an existing individual Emerald profile or asked to register an individual Emerald profile.
  • Once registered / logged in the user will be able to access the institution's subscriptions.
  • Registration Guideline:

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    Monday - Friday 8 a.m - 5.30 p.m
    Sat/Sun/Public Holiday Closed
    Extended:Exam Week(Saturday) 9 a.m - 1 p.m

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    Past Year Exam Papers are accessible for student and staff.

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    Notes: Only past year exam papers authorised by the School and Exam Unit are uploaded. For papers that are not available from the folder, students are advised to check with lecturers.

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